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Brand Model Camera Type Film Format / Digital Lens Mount 35mm Crop Factor Purchase Price Battery Type Is Working Notes
Chinon CE-3 Memotron SLR 135 M42 1.00 $37.41 2x SR44 / 2xLR44 / CR1/3N No
Chinon Genesis Point-and-Shoot 135 Fixed 1.00 $23.13 2CR5 No Mostly works, but shutter button is iffy, resulting in shutter firing before autofocus.
Chinon CP-6 SLR 135 K 1.00 $40.81 4x LR44/SR44 or 2x CR1/3N or 4LR44/4SR44 or 4xAA in winder Yes Came with Winder PW-610, and 1:3.5-4.9 35-80mm lens.
Chinon CP-7m SLR 135 K 1.00 $17.41 4xAA or 2CR5 Yes Came with Chinon 50/1.9 lens.
Chinon CP-9AF SLR 135 C-AF 1.00 $10.58 4xAA or 2CR5 Yes Came with kit 28-70mm lens and flash. Seems to work best with a 2CR5 battery due to a weak battery cover. The mount is a variant of Ricoh's KR, with contacts to control an in-lens focus motor.
Chinon Genesis III Point-and-Shoot 135 Fixed 1.00 $26.28 2CR5 Yes Came with accessory lenses.
  Total Cost: $155.62
Working: 4
Broken / Display Only: 2
Total: 6